Minimalsue arrives

The name of this blog, Minimal Sue, was chosen because it describes me and the way I choose to live.  Hopefully some of my ideas will help others.  Whether you are a senior citizen, like me, or a younger person concentrating on early retirement from the workplace, a degree of minimalism leads toward spending less money.

Living minimally requires a change in one’s thought process.  I remember years ago as a newlywed being somewhat embarrassed by the used furniture filling my house.  Now all my furniture and décor is used or homemade and I love it!  It is pretty, homey, comfortable, and inviting.  Unless I tell, no one knows where my things came from.

One idea has become very important to my approach to living minimally.  Money, money, money — every company is in business to try to get me to give them my money. So instead of blindly following what most people do and just buy “stuff” because advertisers, manufacturers, merchandisers and others tell me to, I find pleasure in playing a “game” in my mind of outsmarting them, keeping more of my money in my pocket, and finding a way to acquire what I need.

Minimalism can be applied to décor, clothing, food, budget — just about any area of life.  Stay tuned to learn how I do it.

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