New Year of 2019

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas (as I did) and is looking forward to a very good New Year.

My wonderful son and his family gave me a patio composter for Christmas and so now I am involved in learning to make soil from kitchen scraps, leaves, waste paper from junk mail, coffee grounds and anything else organic that I find.  My next project is to find some waste lumber and build another raised garden.  I did that last summer and grew enough tomatoes from 3 plants to supply me and my neighbors with fresh, tasty, nourishing fruit, and cucumbers, peppers and butternut squash.  I learned a lot and now I want an additional garden so that I can grow more varieties.  I am fortunate to have a small ground level patio.  Gardening is wonderful exercise and produce is much cheaper when one grows one’s own and tastes better, too!  If I can do this at seventy five, most people can grow some, too!

If you need a break from parades and football games tomorrow, I suggest you watch a YouTube movie entitled, “What Would Jesus Buy”.  It won’t win any huge awards, but in my opinion, its premise is good.  We have become a throwaway society (world) and this 1 hour and 30 minute movie points that out.

Have a Happy and Safe New Year everyone and I will see you next year!

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