Getting Started

Since this is 2019, I am getting started on my goals for this year.  One goal I mentioned last post is to enlarge my garden by adding another raised bed.  Toward that end, I bought a new drill which I will use for other projects as well.  But I didn’t spend any money!!  My health insurance gave me a new fitbit last year and also gave me Visa gift cards for walking so many steps each month.  Since I have a little rescue dog, Grayson, I need to walk him anyway, so I walked about 3.5 miles each day  which earned me gift cards each month.  I saved those cards and had enough to by a good drill without digging into my meager budget.  My next step is to stop in often at the Habitat for Humanity Restore in the neighboring city to find the boards and materials to build the raised bed.  The materials at the Restore are donated by people and builders to be resold at a very discounted price.  It may take a while to get enough boards to complete the garden and trellises but I can’t grow anything until spring anyway.

In November I worked as a judge in the election.  It was a loooooong day, but paid well.  I have saved that money and will use it this month to take Grayson for his yearly vet check and meds.  I took him to a Spay and Neuter Project vet day last July for a very discounted rabies shot, but it is time for other shots and meds, so I have been saving my election pay to take care of my sweet companion this month.  My life requires me to plan ahead in order to take care of wants and needs, but I enjoy doing it.

This month will be tight monetarily because my first six month’s bill for my truck insurance comes due at the end of the month, but by pinching pennies this month I will have more available money throughout the year.

So these are my plans for January, 2019.  We will see how it works out.


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