Busy Retirement

I honestly think I am busier now in retirement than I ever was when I was working.  The difference is, I am busy now doing what I consider important which changes the concept of work.  What I do now is fun!!!

I am discovering that minimalism, frugality, environmental consciousness, and my religion all fit together very nicely — hand in glove you might say.  I consciously work at keeping my home minimal, so what comes into my home has to be needed.  I have already talked about being frugal.  Acquiring what I need has to be thoughtfully considered, both need and cost.  Do I need to buy it or can I borrow it?  If I need to buy it, what is the least expensive way to get good quality.  I search secondhand stores, pawn shops, auctions, etc.  If I have to buy it new, I comparison shop and look for discounts, coupons, gift cards.  If I can buy the item used, I am helping the environment by not having caused a new item to be produced and keeping the used item out of the landfill.  My religion teaches me that man was given dominion over the earth and everything that is on it.  Therefore, being a good steward encompasses all the steps I have just discussed.

I cannot afford to donate sums of money to good causes and charity, but donating my time and energy I can do.  I spend one morning a week working at our local historical society organizing items and setting up displays.  I spend one full day a week with my church quilting group making quilts to make money to fund religious causes and making items for places like nursing homes, hospitals, and charities.  I spend another morning a week working in a factory of volunteers making personal energy transportation vehicles for leg-disabled persons in third world countries.  The days and times I am not volunteering outside my home, I sew dresses out of donated fabric for girls in third world countries and also make Dignity Bags for covering catheter bags for nursing home patients.

I find that doing volunteer work for good causes gives me a sense of accomplishment and brings a sense of peace and calm, keeps me active and social, and helps others live a better life.

Until next time.  Peace.

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