Productive busy-ness

My 2 raised garden beds are producing like crazy!  All that Midwest rain was good for the plants!  (Although I am sincerely sorry for the people flooded out in the low areas.)  My strawberry plants are knee high and have produced an abundance of berries.  Remember, I have two raised 4′ x 6′ homemade garden beds.  I have let the strawberries take over 1/2 of one bed.  Those plants have produced about 3 quarts of berries.  I ate and shared about 1 quart and froze the other two.  Those berries are just sweeter than ones bought in the store and I know they have no sprays on them.  They will taste so good next winter.

I have also frozen 2 pints of sugar pod peas and will have to pick peas again today.  The earliest peas are about through producing, but the second planting is really producing right now.  Sometime this week and will pull the spent plants and put them in the compost.  The weather is getting too hot for cool loving plants.  I am contemplating planting that area in bush beans even though both plants are putting nitrogen into the soil.  I will have to plan better next year!

I have been eating salads from my own lettuce and onions for about a month.  Too bad tomatoes don’t get ripe when the lettuce and onions are ready.  I may have to experiment with a tunnel next year. My three tomato plants are blooming and one plant has many green tomatoes growing well.  The beets are almost large enough to start adding their leaves to my salads.

I love working in my garden.  Being outside in nature, being productive, producing healthy, less expensive food, and getting exercise — its all a win for me.  Plus I can share my abundance with my neighbors.

I also volunteer at several organizations that give me social time doing things I enjoy and are helpful to society.  One day each week, I embroider quilt blocks for a church group who then set them together and hand quilt them for the Quilt Bingo in the spring.  One morning a week, I am learning to clean and repair donated sewing machines that are then sent to third world countries along with material, thread and notions.  Instructors in those countries then teach the women in villages to sew.  One afternoon each week I help my sister care for her one-year-old great grandson and I volunteer once a month at the local Food Bank.  Having fun doesn’t have to cost money.  It is possible to have fun and improve the world at the same time.

Have a good week everyone and find at least one way to make your little corner of the world a better place!

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