I have been away from my blog writing for quite some time. I can blame the pandemic which is partly the cause of not writing. However my absence can be mostly explained by laziness!! Throughout this summer, I spent much of it outdoors growing my food and soaking up the sun. It took a bit to figure out how to live with the pandemic without loosing my physical or mental health. Now that fall is here, much of my outdoor work is over and I can spent time writing.

Over the last several weeks I have canned and frozen lots of tomatoes which will be great for soups (especially chili) throughout the winter. I have made and canned apple butter and apple pie filling for gifts and eating during the winter. There’s a table in my garage covered with sweet potatoes that are curing.

My next trip to the grocery will include buying dried beans for inexpensive protein throughout the cold months. I am trying to be prepared for more isolation due to cold, snowy weather, the pandemic, and/or whatever happens after the election. I will also pick up some canned corn (my garden is too small to grow it) and some hamburger in family packs to bring home and repackage into patty portions. Hamburger seems to be more versatile for soups and casseroles. Patties thaw quickly and seem to be about the right amount to add to my recipes.

I am not a Chicken Little “the sky is falling, the sky is falling!” but I believe in being as prepared as possible for any eventual happenings.

That’s all for today. I need to prepare my lunch and do some laundry. See you tomorrow!

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