Living Old Fashioned in a Modern World

If you have followed my writing thus far you know I like doing many things in an old fashioned way. Growing a garden and storing food is what my great grandmother, my grandmother, my mother, (and now me) always did. I also like to cook as much as possible from my home-grown foods. I know they have no chemicals and pesticides on them.

Now as the gardening season winds down in my locality I am faced with the last fresh tomatoes, too many to eat but not enough to can, and little bits of green beans and green peppers. I decided to make a vegetable soup using the last of my crops and adding small amounts of left over frozen corn, peas, garbanzo beans, cabbage, and carrots. I added some salt and pepper, let it simmer for a while and had a delicious, healthy meal for the cost of my seasonings!

I still have several green tomatoes. I will wait to see if they ripen before frost before ripping out the plants. If they don’t ripen, I will pick them green and make a casserole with them.

I love the pretty colors of fall but the season makes me sad because my outdoor activities will be over until spring. Needless to say, I am not a fan of cold weather or of the fact that nights are much longer than days. I will turn my activities then into sewing, doing needlework and crocheting — not nearly as fun as growing plants outside. I would love to have a small greenhouse where I could grow plants all year long.

Next post I will explain how many meals I can get out of one chicken. Frugal minimalism is fun!

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