None of the things I do toward saving Earth is enough to make a difference in the future of the planet, but if enough of us work together to save the plant, together we will make a difference. In addition, working on goals to help Earth keeps me from feeling so pessimistic and feels good to be doing something positive, no matter how small.

It is my opinion that we (humans on Earth) cannot continue to wait for governments and large corporations to solve the problems of climate change. Both are too wrapped up in monetary gain to “bite the bullet” and do what needs to be done in a timely fashion. That situation leaves action to all of us “little” people. If enough of us make our changes, the economy will gravitate to our ways of doing things. After all, if the populace is not buying, businesses will change to our way of thinking. If they want profit, they will sell the products we want. That’s what I believe anyway.

To help save Earth, we must change many of the ways we have been living the last 50 years. Earth simply cannot withstand our continuation of being a “throw away” society. In the first place, there is no away. Everything we dispose of must go someplace. Just because we no longer have to deal with trash in our own hands doesn’t stop it from existing. Landfills are filled with our largess of “throw aways”.

During the 50’s so much plastic was not in use, thank goodness! Meat from the grocer was wrapped in paper, not plastic styrofoam. Rural people didn’t try to keep up with the Joneses (I can’t speak to what went on in cities because I wasn’t there). I wonder when it became “fashionable” to have a bigger house, the latest dress fashion, the newest car, all new furniture to update the look, etc. often at the incursion of a bigger debt. Why?

My parents were teenagers during the Depression. I can’t remember my mother ever washing aluminum foil so it could be reused and I don’t think we ever did without anything we needed, but money wasn’t to be wasted and creativity was used to solve problems.

It is to the ways I learned as a child that I find myself returning as I search for methods to help save the environment and I am finding that I also save money in doing so.

I can remember when my parents first got electricity. I can remember when my dad ordered plumbing materials from the Sears & Roebuck catalog and dug the water lines by hand to install indoor plumbing in our house. I am not suggesting we return to not having those things. I am suggesting that we think about living life in a simpler way. It is possible, I believe, to teach ourselves to be happier, less stressed, and kinder to the earth by simplifying out lives. Don’t think I am suggesting you suddenly become a minimalist or live simpler, but gradually, over time, adopt some of these ideas. You may be surprised at how much better life is.

As we walk this journey together, many of my ideas will be simple and others will be more complex. Change one thing at a time if you are more comfortable with that. Each change starts to make a difference.

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