It is early February in mid-Missouri as I write this. One and a half weeks ago this area received a dash of freezing rain and then 13 inches of snow. That’s a lot for Missouri. We still have drifts remaining but much of it has melted. The weather is going to drop to near zero tonight reminding us that it’s still winter. I am so impatient for spring! My garden seeds are spread out on the table enticing me to start seeds to grow into plants to be transplanted when the season is right. If I start them now, they will be ready to transplant before the weather is warm enough for them to be outside, but Oh! How I want to play in the dirt!

Two days ago, when the temperature was 55 degrees outside, I gave in to temptation and planted the brassicas in my little pots. Cabbage, cauliflower and brussels sprouts can all take colder weather than most plants, so I am gambling that by the time they are ready for transplanting the weather will be okay for them. So, now I am enjoying watching for the little green sprouts to appear. I am aware that I could just buy the started plants that I will need in the Spring, but growing my own is much more enjoyable and cost effective. I don’t want to pay for something that I can do myself!

I am also working on increasing my stamina so I will be ready to work in the garden when Spring arrives. I walk a mile or a mile-and-a-half each day and lift my little weights (one pound cans of beans) each day and do some other strengthening exercises. After all, at almost 79 a great many people are not able to grow their own food. I feel so lucky to not be one of them, but I work at keeping strong and active.

I think, with the price of groceries these days, there will be many more people growing and preserving their own food this year, so I need to inventory my storage supplies and order what I think I will need while they are still in stock. I will write about that next week!

I hope you have a good, productive week ahead. I hope you will revisit again next week!

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