It has been unusually warm this past week in mid-Missouri, one day breaking the record by hitting 82 degrees. Climate change worries me!

I know I am in a hurry for spring to arrive, but I wish things from Ukraine to climate were more “normal”. I am staying positive and doing things that I know are good for the Earth. I can’t control anyone else but I try to encourage positivity by my actions.

Early in the week I ordered a pair of overshoes. I haven’t had overshoes since I was a child on the farm, in fact, I didn’t even know if overshoes were still manufactured. I found them on Amazon! Overshoes came to my mind when I was looking out the window at my yard and garden thinking of how badly I wanted to be out there doing things, but the ground was so wet that I knew I would just get my shoes all muddy. To be honest, I never have liked mud. In Missouri mud is a regular event every spring. I know the soil needs the moisture, but mud is so — so muddy! So messy! If I had gone outside off the sidewalks, my tennis shoes would have to be run through the washer each time I came inside. That’s using entirely too much water.

That’s when the overshoes of my youth came to mind. A quick search of the internet found that, indeed, overshoes are still made. The ones I ordered are made from rubber which should last a long time and will easily save their worth in water not used.

For those of you that are wondering what overshoes are: Overshoes are just what their name says. They are made to be pulled on over your shoes. Their purpose is to keep your shoes clean and dry. One pulls on overshoes before going out in the mud. When one returns to the house, the overshoes are pulled off and left in the mud room until one is going out in the mud again when they are again pulled over shoes to keep them clean and dry. It’s an old fashioned item, but it’s very practical.

And now I think I will pull on my overshoes and go help my neighbor tear out her raised flower bed. If any of the timbers are in decent shape, I will bring them home and construct a small raised bed. Maybe I will plant flowers for the bees and butterflies!

Have a good week!

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