Help Fight This Climate War!

My brassica plants are about six inches tall and growing really well. In a few weeks it will be time to plant the warm weather seeds — tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, squash — so they will have time to get a good start before being transplanted to the garden. I try to stay focused on the hope and wonders of Spring, but with the disturbing news out of Ukraine, I find it difficult to stay focused and in a positive mood. I feel so sorry for the Ukrainians, such anger at Russia, but also I feel such admiration for the grit and determination of the Ukrainians. To combat those negative feelings, I have been doing a lot of research about climate change. While I can’t defeat climate change either, I can study it and learn ways to help combat it.

I came across an article, A World at War, that compares fighting climate change to another World War. I found the article to be interesting and informative. It was first written by Bill McKibben August 15, 2016, and republished by The New Republic on March 9, 2022. The war of which Bill McKibben speaks, affects the whole world and is even more urgent than the current conflicts between Ukraine and Russia or, maybe, they fit together. The article points out the effects of current climate changes are nothing compared to the effects we will see if we (Earth’s inhabitants) don’t truly make war on the causes of climate change. I found the article to be a call to action to the entire world’s population.

While this blog is not written to be political, I think we must all respond to climate change as if we are fighting a war. My garden, my water barrels (more about them in a future post), my involvement in climate change activism are all my part of fighting this war. I encourage all of you to become involved in the war about climate as well, because it appears this is the only way climate war is going to be fought. If you can afford solar panels, invest in them. Support community efforts to install green energy. Join organizations forming to fight climate change. Become involved in solutions. None of us have the power to win this war alone, but together we can do as Ukraine is doing — David fighting Goliath!!

I hope you look for ways to fight Goliath!

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