Life is full of ups and downs and that certainly was my life this last week. In the first place it rained a good portion of the week. I know rain is good for the earth, but we have had more than enough in this area for now. Next July and August these rains will be very welcome.

Then one of the two rain barrels I had ordered got lost in shipping and the supplier doesn’t know when they will be getting more product in. At least they refunded my money on that barrel, but now I hope I can find another barrel that will be compatible with the barrel that I already have. I plan to use rainwater from the roof to be stored and used to water my garden this summer by gravity flow. One barrel will not hold enough water to irrigate what I need it to do. I know I can use city water to irrigate, but plain rainwater is better for the plants and will be much less expensive considering the rain barrels are an investment to be used over several years. Guess I will have to wait and see what happens.

My church had an all church garage sale this week, which took much of my time helping set up the All Purpose Building for that sale. Walking on that concrete floor made this old lady really tired each day, but at the sale I scored a roomba and an airfryer and several pint and half-pint canning jars. The church made a nice amount of money to be used for good purposes. Job well done.

I also have to tell you that I now have a working clothes line (my Quickcrete was successful!). I washed three loads of laundry last week and used solar and wind power to dry them! Woot! Woot! I am looking forward to getting my next electric bill so I can see the amount of money I am saving.

I am hoping that we have a small dry spell of weather in the coming weeks so that I can spread some mulch on my garden and get some early garden plants in the ground. My brassicas are ready to be set out. It’s about time to plant my sugar peas and potatoes. I received a gooseberry plant, some rhubarb roots and an elderberry bush from a nursery that need to go into the ground very soon. I think the next reasonably warm day I will fence the garden plot to keep the rabbits out of MY food and I need to find time to harvest the red wiggler worm castings so I will be able to fertilize my garden as I plant the area.

I love spring. I love being frugal. I love being as self-sufficient as possible.

I wish all of you a frugal spring week! To those of you who have commented, I am happy you are enjoying my posts!

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