Whoot! Whoot! I have my brassicas in the ground! The ground is still too wet for ideal planting, but the plants were ready to be set out, I was itching to get my hands in the dirt, and the weather was warm. I could resist planting no longer. I also planted my edible pod peas as well. Their location was a little less wet, so they should be in fine shape.

I still have to place the hoops over the brassicas, but it is forecasted to rain again for several days, so that is out for now. I have plastic to go over the tunnels, but my plans are to buy some sheer curtains at a thrift store, sew them together and use them to cover the hoops over the brassicas to keep little white butterflies from laying eggs which become little green worms which voraciously consume the brassicas. It’s still too cool for butterflies, so I have time to wait before setting that up.

As I look out my window toward my garden I can see a rabbit eating grass in my yard between the house and the garden, so my “old lady” fence of chicken wire, electric fence posts and t-posts is keeping the brassicas safe! That makes my heart happy!

I will be planting my garden rows about 2 1/2 feet apart. My plan is to cut 2 foot strips of cardboard boxes to cover the ground to keep weeds from growing. On top of the cardboard, I will put the lawn clippings. I think the clippings will weigh the cardboard down on the ground and as the two decompose they will enrich the garden soil. Each time I have to go to the grocery store, I become more determined to grow and store more food from the garden!

The second rain barrel arrived over the weekend. It’s brown while the first is tan, but they look okay together. Now I just need to buy concrete blocks for the base to raise the barrels higher and a diverter for the downspout and then put it all together. I am feeling more like a city homesteader day by day!

I am feeling more like a city homesteader with every passing accomplishment!

I wish all of you a blessed week! The homestead saga will continue next week.

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