As I write this I woke up to snow on all elevated surfaces this morning. Just a few days ago it was 70+ degrees. Missouri has always had temperature swings in all seasons. Because I am so intuned to climate change that I weigh almost everything I do by how it affects the climate, I wonder if this drastic temperature shift is just Missouri weather doing its thing or if this is due to climate change. On the chance that it is climate change in action, I will continue to do everything I can to leave a smaller carbon footprint. The weather is reinforcing my determination. I hope you are being conscious of your carbon footprint as well.

Since the temperature was forecasted to be cold last night, I used the hoops I bought to deter the cabbage worms, covered them with plastic, and protected my newly transplanted brassicas from frost. It is still cold today. The forecast is for another freeze tonight, so I will leave the brassicas covered until this cold snap is passed.

The brassicas made it through that frost. I have uncovered the plants and the brussels sprouts look great. I am not sure the cabbage plants are going to make it–not because of the frost but because of so much rain. The soil in my garden area needs amending with compost, I have decided. It may take several years to get the soil to have a better friable quality, so I need to get started working on it. If the rains would just slow down so I can get a load of compost into it! Old timers in this area tell me that the lot on which my house was built was a buffalo wallow back in the day. I think the condition of the soil here supports that information.

I just heard the weather forecast is for rain on Easter Sunday. My Dad used to say, “If it rains on Easter Sunday, it will rain on the following 7 Sundays.” I hope this does not hold true!

I wish a happy and blessed Easter to each of you!

See ya next week.

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