Just to let you know, it’s raining again today!

However, between rains, my rain barrels have been installed. I now have the capacity to store 100 gallons of water which I hope to use next summer to water my garden (if I ever get much planted). The peas I planted between rains in a raised garden are growing and looking good. My strawberries in another raised bed are blooming, but I spied a wild rabbit eating a snack of strawberry plant in the rain this morning so I will probably have to fence that now too.

Last week in the rain, I bought several useful items in a local on-line auction. For a total of $25 I bought: an electric skill saw, an electric sander, an electric drill, two big boxes of sheets, blankets, and afghans (I’ll use these for quilts for the homeless next winter), 25 construction bricks, a card table and 4 nice folding chairs. Of course, there was a lot of junk that came with these good things, but for $25 it was worth it. Much of the “to me” junk, I have found other owners for, so stuff was saved from the landfill. I love finding items I need for such a bargain!

My auction purchases, the rain barrels, and my wet garden set me to thinking about how happy I am with such simple pleasures. I really enjoy living my simple life, which led me to spending time on the internet looking for simple life blogs, which led me to discover the Farm Wife Blog and Podcast. I really enjoyed reading her posts and listening to her podcast. I get nothing for advertising her locations. I just thought you might enjoy her input as much as I did.

In a crazy, mixed-up, busy world, I find the action of living a simple life is calming and nurturing to my mind, body, and soul. Simple-life living has allowed me to find a level of peace and contentment that I didn’t have before. I don’t want to keep up with the Joneses and don’t care what they think. I work physically harder sometimes but the work is something I want to do and will benefit me. I am far from being monetarily wealthy, but, as Dolly Parton sang, “I feel rich as I can be”. As I have written in earlier posts, most of my possessions are good, used items. Living a simple, frugal life has enabled me to buy and furnish my home. I have fun, caring, positive friends. I enjoy interacting with my church family. Honestly, I can’t think of anything that I need or want that would make my life any happier. I think that says a lot for living a simple life!

I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day and a blessed week! Until next time, may you enjoy a happy, simple life!

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