For someone (me) that loves the simple life, this is easily the most wonderful time of the year! Finally, we have had a week of warm weather (broke heat records) without rain. My strawberries are in full bloom. If I get as many strawberries as I have blooms, I will have a bumper crop of berries! The blackberries are starting to bloom!

This week of nice weather allowed me to get so much done in the yard and garden. I weeded the iris bed in front of the house. I planted the iris last fall and some of them have buds and are ready to bloom. On the other side of the front deck from the iris, I mulched an area and planted dianthus, marigolds, and petunias. For a real playful eye appeal, I placed little plaster gnomes and mushrooms. (The gnomes and mushrooms came with the bricks I bought at the auction the week before. Frugal use of materials that came with the bricks I wanted. Better than going to the landfill!)

The garden area dried enough for me to set out my grown-from-seed tomato plants. I also planted green beans, beets, lettuce, kale and corn between the aisles of cardboard and grass clippings. If everything grows, I will have wonderful fresh veggies for a very inexpensive price.

The onion sets I planted earlier died in all the rain we had, so I need to get more sets and replant. I also need to replant the corn for the same reason. My bell peppers will soon be large enough to set out and the peas and brussels sprouts are growing well.

I saw some finches in my backyard this morning. They were perched on a low crosswire of my dog run, eating dandelion seeds. That makes me happy! I still have to put together the timbers for the small raised bed in which I will plant flowers for the butterflies and bees. All of my projects take time and energy but very little money. My goal is to grow food for me and the wildlife, and, by doing so, also contribute to caring for the planet. This, to me, is what living the simple life is all about.

My wish for you is that you find the simple things in life to make you happy and that also contribute to a better planet. God Bless! See you next week…

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