September and October have flown by!! In September I was busy harvesting and preserving crops from the garden and then I got Covid! That put a stop to everything!

By the time I felt better, Mid-Missouri had experienced a hard freeze and my time was taken up with preparing the garden (including the water barrels) for winter. I also have been working to collect blankets and warm clothing for the homeless in a nearby city.

Honestly, I blinked twice and two months were gone!

I bought a soil test kit to test the soil in my garden, but the soil is too hard and dry from our drought to be able to dig soil to even six inches. The forecast is for one to two inches of rain tonight and tomorrow, so perhaps I will be able to test the soil after the rain. After I have the results of the soil test, I will spend some time looking for the best organic sources to help mend the soil. I don’t want chemicals of any kind used in the garden.

Now that my outdoor time will be limited by the cold winter weather, I am looking for things to occupy my time constructively for about 5 months. After the leaves fall from the trees, I will mow them up to make mulch to blanket the strawberries and other plants for the winter. I am thinking I may try my hand at growing micro greens under my grow light for fresh produce through the winter. I know I will also get out my yarn and start making warm winter hats for the homeless donations next year. None of these projects are nearly as rewarding to me as working in the garden, but seasons change and dictate different activities.

I hope you are having a wonderful fall!

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