My mother used to tell me that whatever someone does on New Year’s day is what one will be doing all year. In deference to that, I am writing in my blog today. I hope that will prompt me to write here more often!

As I was reading through many posts this morning as I do most mornings, I came across a statement by Gemma Alexander on Earth 911.com that said, “Broke is the new green.” Since I usually think of myself as frugal, I was at first slightly offended. The more I thought about that statement, however, the more sense it made. Because of the pandemic and then shortage of materials and then the prices of all goods, I think many people do think of themselves as broke. Most of the thoughts and ways I express ideas in this blog are to help people to live better on less money. The result is often healthier and better (green) for the Earth. For example, if we grow our own vegetables and fruit, the resulting produce is fresher than what we buy in the stores. It most likely has no pesticides on it. The food wasn’t grown by a big agriculture conglomerate with large carbon spewing equipment that travels back and forth across the field. The produce didn’t travel by truck over a long distance. The produce hasn’t been handled by countless people as it is placed in a store that uses a lot of electricity to light, refrigerate, and heat the building. So, not only are we getting tastier, healthier food, we are keeping pesticides out of the ecosystem, helping to prevent pollution into the atmosphere, hopefully encouraging stores to use renewable energy sources, and thereby lessening dollars going to big oil companies. AND we are keeping dollars in our pockets. That’s a big, BIG win in my mind any day of the year!

If we grow and cook our own food most or all of the time, that is many dollars kept in our pocket and a bunch of pollution not happening. Even if you can only grow in containers on the patio, that is food produced by your own hand and energy. If you are growing a larger amount in a garden or flower bed, not only are you saving money and pollution, you can let the gym membership go for the growing season and instead, exercise in your own yard in the fresh air and sun. More money saved!

Drying some or all of our laundry on a clothes line or drying rack saves money by not running the dryer, and saves the atmosphere by not using whatever produced the electricity or gas.

So, I guess “Broke is the new green!” I like that statement after all!

I wish all of you blessings, love, and good health in the new year. Peace.

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