After recently reading a post on “oldfashionmama”‘s blog, I started to think about how my childhood days are not that much different from the way she’s raising her family. I was born in 1943, so my childhood was in the 40’s and 50’s. I grew up on a mid-Missouri farm, the oldest of three children.Continue reading “MY WISH FOR THE FUTURE”


September and October have flown by!! In September I was busy harvesting and preserving crops from the garden and then I got Covid! That put a stop to everything! By the time I felt better, Mid-Missouri had experienced a hard freeze and my time was taken up with preparing the garden (including the water barrels)Continue reading “NEXT SEASON PLANS”


It’s a beautiful day. There’s a feeling of fall in the air in Mid-Missouri! I love fall: the beautiful foliage, the crispness of the air, the ending days of harvest. There’s only one thing wrong with fall — winter is not far behind! So I approach fall with very mixed emotions. Before I write more,Continue reading “MY HAPPY SPACE”

Lessons to Apply to Current Affairs

If there ever was a time to be as self-sufficient as possible, that time is now. With extreme shortages of baby formula, grocery store shelves often bare and inflation steadily climbing we need to do for ourselves as much as possible. My mother and grandmother made it through the Great Depression by buying locally andContinue reading “Lessons to Apply to Current Affairs”